And I'm Feeling Good...

A couple weekends ago we went to Shenandoah National Park and as we were driving away .. i just could not pass up the opportunity to capture the setting sun. There is something about changing time that captivates us... either its the end of a long day behind us.. or the hope of a new dawn .. a new day.. a new life...  tomorrow ..  

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Picture taken at: Shenandoah National Park 
Song for this post: Feeling Good by Nina Simone


Mysterious Mia said...

yay, i love being the first one to comment.

i love the perspective, the colors, the song and yes its sure does leave me feeling good.


Aansie said...

the picture sure is mind blowing!

Cinderella said...

There is something about dusk....that brings you a feeling of coming home.

I dunno its the colors or the smell or just the way the calming energy glides in the air and soaks into you.

This picture is reminiscent of one such. Wonderful.

Mysterious Mia said...


that was a pleasant surprise, howdy do?

Mysterious Mia said...


Thanks for dropping by babe...that was really sweet of you.

BTW i second you. sunsets are always so soothing.

Ashutosh Khandha said...

very nice boss !

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